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Microsoft Licence Program Open Academic (EDU) - Visio Standard

Microsoft Licence Program Open Academic (EDU) - Visio Standard

Product Information

The worldwide standard in business diagramming tools
Visio is the fastest, easiest tool for creating flowcharts, organization charts, timelines, marketing diagrams and much more.


Minimum order quantity of 5 licenses for the first order is required to be eligible to order from the OPEN programm. You may freely compile from the program. Alternatively 1 product with the addition "Qualified" is sufficient.

Afterwards you will receive an OPEN authorization number which is valid for two years. In these two years you may order single licenses. Please state the authorization number for subsequent orders.


Product comparison:

Visio 2016

  Visio Standard 2016 Visio Professional 2016
Get started with diagramming easily with a set of pre-crafted starter diagrams and contextual tips and tricks
Customize and complete diagrams instantly with auto align and position and new effects and themes
Leverage an Office-like experience einschließlich dunkler Designs, Delve, der Suchfunktion "Sie wünschen" und Unterstützung für High DPI
Create professional diagrams quickly with a large assortment of templates and shapes that meet industry standards, including BPMN 2.0, UML 2.4, IEEE, and Windows Workflow 4.0 partial
Define, enhance, and democratize processes efficiently with standard notations that meet compliance needs, and advance features such as sub-process creation and validation rules partial
Bring diagrams to life with data linking and use icons, colors, and graphics to make the data easier to digest. Introducing one-step Excel data visualization  
Work on the same diagram at the same time without concern about version control  
Secure diagrams with Microsoft file protection technologies offering persistent Information Rights Management (IRM) protection of email messages and attachments, and diagram files  

Shipping costs associated with the delivery of all physical products.
Download products are free of shipping costs.
Software downloads are solely available for online orders.
In case a download product is ordered offline, only a licence key will be provided and/or a license will be activated. Additionally, a CD/DVD can be ordered.